Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalVIDEO: A crazed dog maul man to death another dog attacks people...

VIDEO: A crazed dog maul man to death another dog attacks people at a train station

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Locals in flats overlooking New Malden railway station in Kingston-upon-Thames captured video of the ‘irresponsible’ dog owner letting go of one of her leads as it tore free.

The incident happened last Friday evening and witnesses stated a man in a vest jumped in to control the animal as it attacked another person.

The video shows a man is attempting to flee but being captured by the dog, which clamps onto one of his flailing legs.

He eventually manages to grip the dog’s leash and place his knee on its back, bringing the beast under control.

Following the incident, officers confiscated the dog, and its 22-year-old owner was arrested on suspicion of being in charge of the dog.

Death by dog bite

A MAN in Wales cried for help saying, “he’s got me” as an American Bulldog attacked him to death as his daughter-in-law, Chanel Fong, tried to save him.

Cookie-Doe, the dog’s name, bit Keven Jones, 62, at a home in Wrexham, North Wales, on Monday, and he went into cardiac arrest.

Paramedics swooped in on the address but were unable to save Keven, and they pronounced him dead at the scene.

The dog owner, who is also the daughter-in-law of the man, went on Facebook to explain what had happened.

She says she is devastated and described Keven’s death as the “worst day of her life”.

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But she insist her pet did not mean to hurt him.

Mr Jones was looking after her dogs for the day, she said on Facebook, because he was the only person who could handle them other than her husband in London.

She heard Keven in the kitchen telling Cookie-Doe to get off him as she was getting ready to leave.

Rushing to see what was happening, Chanel told the BBC she the dog to get down – which the dog did.
But she said she noticed blood dripping from her father-in-law’s leg where there was a gashing wound.
She used the dog’s blanket to help stop the bleeding and carried the man to a sofa. She called the ambulance and they came along with police officers.

Before the ambulance arrived, Keven grabbed her shoulder and told her he was dying.

Chanel said Keven called out “he’s got me there” as he looked down at the bloody gash.

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The picture above shows the dog, Cookie-Doe. Chanel said the dog did not mean to hurt Keven but ‘plays too rough’

Picture Credit: WNS

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