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What is next for Anwar after dealings with Umno?

Anwar is still reeling from the backlash of accusations that he is dealing with ex-PM Razak in his attempt to become PM




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, the opposition leader, got his hands dirty in dealings with to form a new .

This has left him stranded with a chaotic Pakatan Harapan alliance in limbo despite the show of unity among them.

There is no doubt about it. Anwar got himself in big trouble with many people when he announced he had a convincing majority to form a new government.

In September, he told the his negotiations with MPs in the Parliament landed him a large majority and that PM Yassin’s government had fallen.

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The news went , and the country was expecting a change in regime until Anwar’s with the .

That was in October, weeks after his announcement in Kuala Lumpur. The Agong or of Malaysia came back from a treatment at the Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur.

Speculations were rife across the country. His political allies in the Pakatan Harapan harped at him for not telling the whole story.

They wanted to know were the MPs wanted to join him to form this new government.

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Speculations were that he had a dealing with Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Razak, two heavily tainted MPs in the Umno.


While the smaller party in the PH coalition, Amanah, declared Anwar had its full support and cooperation in public. In private, it was a different story.

On the contrary, the DAP also showed support for Anwar’s move but many of its leaders publicly questioned the move.

At that time, sources within the Keadilan said Anwar was in command of a majority of MPs in Parliament.

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But they also said the PN regime headed by Muhyiddin was scrambling for cover.

Nevertheless, some Amanah supporters on Facebook in particular were blasting Anwar. They were joking about the ‘strong, formidable, convincing’ majority.

They did not waste any time to point out that Anwar would fail in his attempt to become PM. They are not happy with Anwar as PM, calling him names and eroding his credibility with ’s and so on.

This attack against Anwar from some Amanah sources has been going on since PH came to power.

Sources close to the PH say Amanah is funded by Anwar. Thus, they expect Amanah to be loyal to the PH leader.

And of course, they accept in PH as long as it does not erode the credibility of the grouping.

But sometimes, the Amanah supporters attack against Anwar is taking a dark turn.

The question is whether Amanah is a viable party to help Anwar gain the post of PM?

Anwar has said it is not about him becoming PM but it is about PH returning the people’s mandate to power.

But if Amanah cannot guarantee this support, with backbiting and open warfare on social media, how much can Anwar expect from this grouping?

Some are saying Anwar should call for the disbanding of the Amanah as a party. They say the party took seats belonging to or the seats that Keadilan could have won in 2018.

They also say Amanah is not up to the task in fighting the Islamists’ PAS.

The Amanah leaders are a far cry from what they were during their days in the PAS after they got bitten by .

On social media, pro-PN people call them the lapdogs of the Chinese-led DAP, which is the biggest party in the PH.

Read part two of the analysis tomorrow.

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