Wednesday, June 29, 2022
FashionWhy would you buy a $2286 umbrella that does not protect you...

Why would you buy a $2286 umbrella that does not protect you from rain?

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Big brands are venturing into strange territory, such as the Balenciaga rotten shoes on sale at unbelievable prices.

Now is the time for brands like Gucci and Adidas to enter the fray.

And the BBC on its Instagram page made the point, saying that if you are choosing an umbrella, the one thing yo0u might expect it to do is to be capable of keeping you dry…

But the Chinese social media networks are seeing a post about the Gucci-Adidas umbrella going viral with netizens attacking the brands for the ‘sun umbrella’ which costs 11,100 yuan (¬£1,329).

On Weibo, a¬†hashtag with the translation “the collaboration umbrella sold for 11,100 yuan is not waterproof” has received over 140 million views! Woof. That is a whopping amount of views for a simple, but a colourful umbrella. See the picture above.

Now, Gucci’s website says the parasol is “not waterproof and is intended for sun protection or decorative use.”

Some people are calling the ‘leaky’ umbrella, others are saying, it is “a very big but useless fashion statement”.

Perhaps it isn’t meant for the masses, because loud, busy, or ugly clothing rarely makes the cut for the majority of the people.

This means that the umbrella is most likely intended for decorative purposes, as Gucci claims, but when the general public sees it, they get the wrong impression.

That begs the question, at least for those who will not waste their money on useless items, of who will buy such an expensive, useless umbrella.

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Leave it to the rich and insane; there are plenty of them these days, and they could be the target market for this rather attractive umbrella.

Nevertheless, some netizens are less paranoid. “Those who are willing to pay use luxury goods to show what they are worth,” a user wrote. “They don’t care about practicality,” they say.
The parasol will be available on June 7th as part of a new collection by Gucci and sportswear giant Adidas.
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