Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalWoman killed Dog, Burned It Alive as ‘Sacrifice’

Woman killed Dog, Burned It Alive as ‘Sacrifice’

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There is a history in the United States of witches being captured and burned alive, not as a sacrifice, but as a punishment.

Witches were accused of using animals, primarily black cats, to send bad omens to people. That got them into a lot of trouble.

In today’s world, where some people still practise witchcraft, a woman in the United States burned a dog alive as a sacrifice. And the dog was not hers. She stole the pet dog from somebody.

According to ABC 17, a channel in the U.S., a woman in Moberly, Missouri, was charged with killing the pet dog by burning it alive as a “sacrifice.”

Brianna L. Lingo, 29, was charged with felony counts of stealing an animal and animal abuse by the Randolph County Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the Moberly Police Department, Lingo was arrested Thursday at a home.

She is facing felony charges of stealing an animal and animal abuse by torture and mutilation while the animal was alive.

Most news reports say it was a ritualistic sacrifice. She committed the acts at her mother’s home.

The media says Lingo reportedly admitted the crime to the police when questioned. She said she strangled the dog and burned its body. She did not elaborate any further, reports say.

For the police, it is a pretty straightforward case. The authorities say they got a call and was presented with the facts.

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The police officers contacted the person (Lingo) and she said, “yes I did” and then during the interview, she repeated that yes she had done this.

Authorities in Moberly say they had not received any similar case, despite the fact that they had investigated animal abuse cases in the past, but “never one to this extent,” said Troy Link, the chief of police to the news channel.

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