Carroll, defamation trial

Donald Trump’s bid to postpone the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial has been thwarted by a federal Appeals Court.

Defamation trial

The former president’s desperate attempt to delay the proceedings, slated to commence in just two weeks, has hit a roadblock, marking a significant setback for Trump’s legal strategy.

This latest development unfolds as Trump faces the looming trial related to allegations made by E. Jean Carroll, whom a jury previously determined was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of the disgraced former president.

Despite a prior defamation case where Carroll was awarded $5 million in damages, Trump allegedly continued to disparage and smear her, setting the stage for the upcoming legal battle.

Presidential immunity?

Trump’s initial ploy to claim “presidential immunity” failed, prompting him to seek a delay in the defamation trial’s start date. Arguing that he needed more time to explore legal avenues, including a potential Supreme Court review.

Trump approached the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. However, the appeals court remained steadfast, delivering another blow to Trump’s legal endeavors.

Carroll initiated legal action against Trump on two occasions. The first lawsuit focused on defamation after Trump, during his presidency, refuted her claim of a mid-1990s “assault” in a New York department store. The second lawsuit took advantage of the reopened window for civil sexual assault lawsuits. This time, she addressed both the assault itself and statements made by Trump in that year, well after he had left office.

A pivotal moment

The defamation trial, now scheduled to kick off on January 16th, promises to be a pivotal moment as Trump grapples with the repercussions of his actions.

The public awaits with bated breath and excited to witness the unfolding legal drama, which could have far-reaching consequences for the former president’s political future and legacy.

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