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VIDEO: Nude wanderer in the middle of the night adds to the COVID craziness

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The above video shows a nude robber stealing in a house, and the video was published on Facebook in October 2021.

Malaysia is seeing a share of craziness now that the lockdowns are over and people can roam around freely, though masks are still needed when one is outside.

And a creepy nude broke into a house, wearing only a mask as if to protect himself from COVID, having locals worried.

The Royal Malaysia Police are now searching for a man, in his 50s, who is suspected of breaking into a house in Shah Alam last week.

The man is also suspected of stealing some cash when he broke into the house at around 3.40 am.

The description of the intruder fits a viral video of a naked man wearing a face mask prowling the housing area in Shah Alam.

The police believe the footage was captured right before the man broke into a house where the owners were inside, sleeping.

The property owner, a 49-year-old lady, and her 18-year-old daughter claim to have been sleeping in the living room when they were woken by a ‘glare.’

That is when they saw a man completely nude in their house but he was wearing a mask. They screamed and this forced the man to run away, leaving their premises and them unharmed.

Those with information are advised to contact Assistant Investigating Officer, Sergeant Mohd Shafarulrazi at 010-8889910 or 03-55202222.

Another naked dude

The naked dude breaking into homes phenomenon in the Shah Alam area is not new. In Feb this year, another viral video showed a naked man who was not wearing a mask and who looks younger than the mask-wearing robber, enter a house.

The CCTV footage went viral in Malaysia after some netizens said the video had caught an ‘orang minyak’ or naked robber who is a supernatural character in Malay folk tales.

The orang minyak is supposed to be a ‘jinny’ who can enter homes invisibly and steal money or other stuffs.

In this case, it appears to be a man who might have soaked himself in oil before he enters the house. That will allow him to break away speedily from anyone who tries to grab him because of the oily content on his body.

However, it is apparent the masked-robber is not an ‘orang minyak’ nor was the other robber filmed in February.

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